Cibola Arts Council

Art in Public Places

Milan City Hall

ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice
Roxanne CronkRed, Red PoppiesOil$200
Roxanne CronkOrangesOil$250
Connie GallegosMt. Taylor FrostedPhotograph$175
Connie GallegosRain on HaystackPhotograph$180
Connie GallegosMt. Taylor SiennaPhotograph$200
Connie GallegosSunflower HeadPhotograph$125
Connie GallegosSunset LagunaPhotograph$180
Connie GallegosThreesomePhotograph$125
Connie GallegosMilan SunrisePhotograph$125
David MillerPueblo Ruins IIPhoto on Canvas$400

Grants City Hall

ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice     
Heidi CraigHere We Go AgainWatercolor$165
Heidi CraigWhite IrisWatercolor$225
Heidi CraigHigh NoonWatercolor$375
Heidi CraigColombian BeautyWatercolor$195
Heidi CraigGolden HourWatercolor$275
Heidi CraigSinging the BluesWatercolor$245
Heidi CraigLook Before You LeapWatercolor$125
Connie GallegosAt the Edge of the CalderaPhotograph$250
Connie GallegosZuni Mountain SunsetPhotograph$225
Connie GallegosUn PapillionPhotograph$125
Connie GallegosMt. Taylor from Lobo CanyonPhotograph$175
Robert GallegosClouds at CumbrePhotograph$125
Jesus Tito GomezGreetings from Mt. TaylorOil$150
Lilly PooreIris MajestyOil$200

El Malpais Visitor Center

ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice
Joan SheskiDeep Autumn GoldWatercolor$300
Joan SheskiAcross the DesertWatercolor$200
Joan SheskiLa Ventana IIWatercolor$100

Coyote del Malpais Golf Course

ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice
Joan SheskiSunflower WaterWatercolor$100
Joan SheskiSan Mateo SpringsWatercolor$100
Joan SheskiMonterey Bay BeachWatercolor$60
Joan SheskiDesert HillsideWatercolor$40
Joan SheskiRed MesasWatercolor$40

Village of Milan Computer Lab

ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice
Robert GallegosParadiso PerditoAcrylic$600
Connie GallegosTrain at MesitaPhotograph$125
Connie GallegosTrain at Grants’ CampPhotograph$125
Connie GallegosSouth Padre Surfing BirdsPhotograph$150
Robert GallegosHorse Head at Antelope CanyonPainted Photo$125
Robert GallegosMilan DaturaPhotograph$125

Chamber of Commerce

ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice
Ernie LuceroChilean MinerNFS
Marianne TregemboHeadframe at Kerr McGeeNFS