Art in Public Places

Milan City Hall

ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice
Roxanne Cronk Red, Red, Poppies Oil $200
Roxanne Cronk Oranges Oil $250
Connie Gallegos Mt. Taylor Frosted Photograph $175
Connie Gallegos Rain on Haystack Photograph $180
Connie Gallegos Mt. Taylor Sienna Photograph $200
Connie Gallegos Sunflower Head Photograph $125
Connie Gallegos Sunset Laguna Photograph $180
Connie Gallegos Threesome Photograph $125
Connie Gallegos Milan Sunrise Photograph $125
David Miller Pueblo Ruins II Photograph on Canvas $400

Grants City Hall

ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice
Heidi CraigHere We Go AgainWatercolor$165
Heidi CraigWhite IrisWatercolor$225
Heidi CraigHigh NoonWatercolor$375
Heidi Craig Colombian Beauty Watercolor $195
Heidi Craig Golden Hour Watercolor $275
Heidi Craig Singing the Blues Watercolor $245
Heidi Craig Look Before You Leap Watercolor $125
Connie GallegosAt the Edge of the Caldera Digital Photograph$250
Connie GallegosZuni Mountain Sunset Photograph$225
Connie Gallegos Un Papillon Photograph $125
Connie Gallegos Mt. Taylor from Lobo Canyon Photograph $175
Robert Gallegos Clouds at Cumbre Photograph $125
Jesus Tito GomezGreetings From Mt. TaylorOil$150
Lilly PooreIris MajestyOil$200

El Malpais Visitor Center

ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice
Deirdre Dyson On Top of El Morro, Cactus Garden Oil $1500
Jon Head Oso Ridge Afternoon Oil $300

Coyote del Malpais Golf Course

Monterey Bay Beach
ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice
Eric O'Connell Route 66 Photograph $375
Robert Gallegos Mt. Taylor Houdini Photograph $200
Robert Gallegos Me and My Arrow Photograph $200
Robert Gallegos Mt. Taylor Mirage Photograph $130
Connie Gallegos Embudo Autumn Photograph $185
Suzanne Krug Butterfly Photograph $50
Suzanne Krug Love Photograph $50
Suzanne Krug Hummingbird Photograph $50
Suzanne Krug Feather Photograph $50
Suzanne Krug Dawn Photograph $50
Joan Sheski Sunrise - July 2016 Watercolor $100
Joan Sheski Mt. Taylor I Watercolor $40
Joan Sheski Mt. Taylor II Watercolor $40
Joan Sheski Asilomar Offshore Watercolor $60
Joan Sheski Watercolor $60
Joan Sheski Desert Hillside Watercolor $40
Joan Sheski Red Mesas Watercolor $40
Joan Sheski Desert Colors Watercolor $80

Village of Milan Computer Lab

ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice
Robert Gallegos Pardisio Perdito Acrylic $600
Robert Gallegos Cascade Train Photograph $100
Connie Gallegos Train at Mesita Photograph $125
Connie Gallegos Train at Grants' Camp Photograph $125
Connie Gallegos South Padre Surfing Birds Photograph $150
Robert Gallegos Horse Head at Antelope Canyon Painted Photo $125
Robert Gallegos Milan Datura Photograph $125

Chamber of Commerce

ArtistName of WorkMediumPrice
Ernie Lucero Chilean Miner   NFS
Marianne Tregembo Headframe at Kerr McGee  NFS